A Group Picture Of All The Monks.

Introduction to Spirituality.

This site is sponsored & created by “SmartsAdsLink” for those who are or wish to elevate deeper into Spiritualism with or without Meditation and to open up your Psychic abilities, Hidden Gifts, Intuition, Interpretation through Dreams, connect with Light Beings, go into other Dimensions, stop anxiety attacks and control empathic, clear your dark conscious mind, make you calm if you have a temper by listening to a personal Chanting specially recorded for you.

Only those who are spiritual or Spiritually inclining will benefit from the Personal Chanting written by this Monk.

Read more about this Personal Chanting below. 


 The Most Popular Monk in Thailand.

Enlightened at the age of 7 Gifted to read people at the age of 9 and given the Gift from the Kingdom  (God’s Kingdom) to write Personal Chants by the age of 10.

He is one of the youngest Monk to be Enlightened at a very young age now at 77 (2020) still writing Personal Chants for junior Monks and Spiritual people.

He is also the most sorted out in this Temple and most popular among the Locals in Thailand.

Since 2016 he has been writing Personal Chants for Spiritual people out of Thailand through a translator in this Temple.

Read more in details below about the Monks in Thailand, “how they attained Mystical Powers and about this Mysterious Temple.



Temple is located 15 Kilometers from Chiang Mai Town on top of a hill in the Northern part of Thailand.

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         Day and Night view.

The name of this Temple is “Wat Phra That Doi Suthep” Address No.9 Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand.

It is well known throughout Thailand because of this Popular Monk

 (picture as above).

In Thailand the Monks do not reveal their name but only addressed as “Wai” and only after they passed their name will be known.

Those Monks that had Special Powers will be made into a wax doll and their name will be revealed.

The replica wax doll will be placed into a glass case and will look identical to the minute details and color of the deceased Monk (see picture below).

The wax replica will be made by a Gifted Monk without seeing a picture of the deceased Monk.

It is formidable to video shoot inside the Temple and photograph a Monk.


  Wax image of Sat Wa Prawa.


In this web page you have the privilege to view inside the Temple and some pictures of the Monks.


     Practice of Buddhism is Worldwide.

The practice of Buddhism is found in many Countries and it is not a Religion but a way of life.

The practice also differs from County to Country.

In Thailand the teachings of Buddhism is used for Spiritual Enlightening and to put one back to the birth path.


Bring back to your Life Path.

Every one of us is born with a Life Path Destiny which was given to our Soul.

But due to the Negativity around us in this world tend to divert some from the Original Life Path.


Symbol of diverting life path.

For some when they divert from their Prospect of Life it becomes meaningless, or an illusion, also lose out on good Opportunities, plans fail and Luck diminishes.

By listening to the Personal Chanting not only opens up our Gifts and Spirituality it can also bring us back to our Original Life Path.

Our Soul chose to come to this World after being given Gifts and Opportunities by the Kingdom (God’s Kingdom) to live in a Human Being for a written amount of Time as a Contract.

After the Contract is over the Soul will depart the Human Being and will go back to the Kingdom and becomes a Spirit.

Why Monks in Thailand have Mystical Powers?

A Monk’s life starts at a very young age and he is not forced to be one.

The Child grows up being more Spiritual and observed by the Parents.

At the age of 5 the Child is taken to a Monastery that teaches young Monks to Meditate and Chant Mantras.

The Senior Monk in the Monastery will evaluate the Child for a few days and if found to be in the Spiritual Path will accept him into the Monastery.

Parents in Thailand are very proud of their Child when he is accepted to be a Monk.

Only Boys are chosen to become Monks.

Monks are treated with high respect by the people in Thailand.


            A young Monk.

 Monks live a disciplined life.

At the age of 5 the Child Monk is taught to live a Disciplined Life.

They live a poor life to humble themselves to the Kingdom (God’s Kingdom).

They only have One Meal a day between 12pm to 12.30pm.

The young Monk can drink plain water anytime when he feels thirsty.

The Child will be given Education in the Monastery for a few hours.

The rest of the day to night he will chant and Meditate in the silent Monastery.


   Young Monk Meditating.

To reach the level of Meditation to nothingness the place must be totally Silent.

By humbling himself with discipline rules and Meditation the Child Monk Enlightens by the age of 10.

His only possessions are a Monk robe and a Bowl to eat food.


    A bowl and Monk robe.


There is no more connection with the family and outside World.

He is also given a small room with a small cupboard to keep his robes and slipper.



    A Monk sleeping room.

They have to forgo gadgets, TV, radio, phone, luxury or even a pair of shoes.

All Monks do Enlighten, but only the chosen Monk is given Special Powers by the Kingdom.

After being Enlightened the Monk will leave the Monastery to serve and stay in a Temple.

The Monks live a solitary life to serve the visitors.


Writing of the personal chanting.

For those Visitors that are able to come to this Temple can see the popular Monk and have to wait for their turn.

Before the pandemic, Visitors come to this Temple as early as 4am to get a chance to see this popular Monk.

The Monk will see visitors from 7am to 12pm (have his only meal for the day) then 1pm to 6pm.



      Monk Seeing Visitor.

Those visitors unable to see the Monk can fix the day and time on the next day.

They will be privileged to see the Monk on the next day so foreign Visitors must stay in Chiang Mai for at least 2 to 3 days.

If you are in another country and unable to come to this Temple can send your details.

Before the Monk writes a personal chanting for you he will need your birth name, accurate birth details (DD/MM/YY) and a latest Clear Picture just a little above your head.

(See example of Picture below).


  Picture with permission.

The more recent Picture the more he can tell about you and it will amaze how accurate his reading will be for you.

There is a volunteer translator that will give your details and picture to the Monk.

He is Dr. Benjamin Benedict who is from Singapore and the only translator in this Temple.


Dr. Benjamin Benedict.

About 90% of Thai people in Thailand do not speak English and up North almost all Thai do not speak English.

More details and contact info of Dr. Benjamin below and his nickname is Ben.    

The Monk will tell about your past life, see if you have any negative energy and about your current life.


  Write personal chanting.

He will also see if you are Spiritual with special gifts that you are unaware and if you have; then he will write your Personal Chanting while doing an offering prayer at the Main Alter.


  Video of offering prayer.   

 The Personal Chanting will be recorded while the offering prayers go on.


  Personal Chanting recorded. 

Once recorded there’s a technical guy who will convert the audio from MP3 to MP4.

He will also filter out the audio from distortions when he converts to MP4 which will be very clear to hear.

He volunteers his time and services for the Temple.


Those with Negative Energy.

For those who are having negative or bad energy around them the Monk will do a ritual.

There are 7 individual Monks in this Temple that can do the ritual.

The Senior Monk will do the arrangement with one of the available Monk to do the ritual for the visitor.


Cover with a cloth.

For those who are unable to come to this Temple in person the Monk will use a 15 Kilogram rice bag.

The rice bag will represent your Body and Soul.



Cover a rice bag.

The Monk is gifted to connect with you by using the energy from the candle.

He can remove the bad or negative energy from you by connecting with you through a burning candle lit at the same time.

All you have to do is burn a candle for about an hour and concentrate on the flame for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Say your birth name repeatedly in your mind while concentrating on the flame.

He will need at least 5 to 10 minutes to connect with you through the flame.


Burn candles for ritual.

That is how Mystical Gift the Monk has as it had been practiced for Centuries and passed down from one Monk to another.

For some people while concentrating on the flame feel like some burden released, some feel lighter, some can see images through the flame, there were some who had tears flowing continuously and some had the candle flame change to multiple colors.

It will depend on each individual experiences.

After concentrating for 20 to 30 minutes just leave the candle to burn for another half hour which is totally 1 hour.

Do not buy a candle that burns for days.

Just get a candle that burns for about 2 hours and when you put out the flame after an hour do not blow but use an object to put off the flame.

The Monk will do the ritual until he removes all the bad energy around you into the rice bag.

It may take 2 to 3 hours for him to complete the ritual.

After doing the ritual the Monk will advise what you need to do at home to protect yourself from future bad or negative energy.

History of this Temple up the hill.

Based on an assumption by Mr. Handach a historian and the head of the Chiang Mai Museum.

This Temple founded in 1371 by Lanna King “Keu Naone” to house the relic of Buddha’s shoulder bone.

It is mystical and the most beautiful Temple in the Northern part of Thailand with many sacred shrines.


Doi Suthep.

Completed building the Temple in 1383 has gone through earth quakes, renovations and more statues added till 2015.

A sword


The Bodhisattva’s sword represents protection, while the karana mudrā (hand gesture) expels demons, sickness, negative and bad energy.

The words “Phra That” means there is a sacred relic of Buddha housed in this Temple.

The word Doi means mountain and in completion “Wat Phra That Doi Suthep” means mountain Temple with Buddha’s shoulder bone.


The legend also tells of a Monk named “Sumanathera” from the Sukhothai Kingdom, who dreamed that he had to go to Pang Cha (other side of Chiang Mai) to look for a holy relic.


Convinced that his vision was real, Sumanathera travelled to Pang Cha, and did indeed find a relic.

It was a shoulder bone believed to be from Gautama Buddha himself.

This bone had mystical powers able to glow, to vanish, and eventually to replicate itself.


The Monk took the bone to the King of Sukothai (King Dhammaraja) and despite doing all the ceremonies, making the offerings the bone remained as a bone.

It did not display any supernatural properties and being disappointed the King told the Monk to keep the bone.


King Keu Naone of La Na: in 1368, upon hearing about the relic, called for Sumanathera to bring it to him in Lamphun, where a temple was built in the king’s flower garden to house the relic.

As it was being interred, the relic broke itself in two and the smaller piece was placed in a Chedi in the garden Temple.



The golden Chedi at Wat Suan Dok, which houses part of Buddha’s shoulder bone.


Legend of a white elephant.

Unable to decide where to build a Temple worthy of holding the larger part of the relic, King Keu Naone placed the bone into a small Chedi on the back of a white elephant (an auspicious animal in Thai culture), intending that wherever the elephant chose to settle, the temple would be built.


Image of a Chedi.

The elephant set off from what is now Chang Puak (Elephant Gate in the northern part of Chiang Mai’s Old City) and walked up to the top of Doi Aoy Chang (sugar elephant mountain, now Doi Suthep – (Suthep) named after a hermit who lived there), trumpeted three times, turned around clockwise… and knelt down to die.


At the same spot the statue of the white elephant was made by a few local Monks to honor the auspicious white elephant.