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This page is Dedicated to Dr. B Benedict for his time and effort locating Souls of dearly departed. He has been helping people that lost their loved ones through Suicide to communicate with their Soul and help to crossover.  By doing this to uplift the curse and to get on with their lives to  know that their loved ones are in peace.

Dr. B Benedict a Singaporean has been residing in Thailand for over 4 decades. He has a rare gift of Mind Reading and the ability to Communicate with departed Souls.   At the age of 24 was enlightened as a Monk in a Monastery in Thailand. In the year 2015 learnt to chant an Ancient Mantras which was written for him by a Monk in this Temple. It was practiced by the Siamese Kingdom Monasteries in the 12th Century (now known as Thailand). As he continued to chant the Mantras it opened up his gift  to communicate with departed Souls. Now at the age of 63 is still helping people to communicate with their loved ones and to those being haunted by Spirits. Anyone needing his assistance can call, email, Facebook or contact by Whatsapp Dr. B Benedict in person for free.  

This is a Social obligation giving back to Society.

Share with those who are mourning, feeling lost, having regrets, facing strings of bad luck or distressed that they can communicate with their dearly departed.


The kingdom of Thailand.

Thailand is a land of Smiles and also the land of Mystery with Mystical Powers. By just visiting Temples & Monasteries will give you a mixed feeling of peace & the presence of being surrounded by Spirits. There are Temples and Monasteries situated all over Thailand that practice various Mystical healing powers, gifts of Wealth, seeking ones inner gift, transferring spirituous powers   and  Communicating with departed Souls. Every individual human being is born with a Psychic ability either to predict the future, reading cards and other intuition powers. That is why we are all interconnected even though we are from different parts of the World. Some know it and some feel they have but unable to use it. Those who feel that they have the Psychic abilities can find out by just giving their latest picture & date of birth to Dr. B Benedict.

He will liaise with a Monk that is able to read your picture and see if you are able to transmit energy and open up your Psychic abilities.

To be a Monk, one must give up Worldly pleasures and live a disciplined life having one meal a day (half an hour to eat). The rest of the day is spent Chanting, attending to devotees and in deep Meditation.  Only the chosen Monks enter the divine Kingdom and given the gift to perform Miracles.  It is not an easy task to follow the rituals of a Monk.  By just spending 1 night in a Monastery that Communicates with the dead will give you the Chills and the eerie feeling of being among  departed Souls.


Communicate with your loved ones.

There are people who still hold on to their loved ones or never had a chance to say goodbye are physically holding their Soul in the Multiverse. The Multiverse is a Parallel World with our Physical World. In this dimension, the Soul moves at a high speed unable to be seen with our naked eyes.

Those who died of an unnatural death (Suicide & untimely departure) go into deep isolation and remorse. The Souls that did bad things while in this Physical World spend  some time in Penitentiary. This is to repay the bad they did before going into the Multiverse.


All Souls are no more in a human form, unable to speak and travel at the speed of light. The Souls are all alone, have no communication with the living & other deceased family members who had Crossed over into the Spirituous Kingdom. These Souls that thrive in the Multiverse drain our energy to be more Physical. 

They feed on our Ectoplasm (human kinetic energy) sometimes leaving us with cold spots or chills and exhausted. The Souls that took their own life leaves a curse to the entire family (including the Siblings their Children and Spouses). This curse can cause the family to break up, facing one crisis after another, sudden string of bad luck, some facing financial constrain, losing their property or accumulated wealth, sudden illness losing their job, business and some face tragic accidents.

There is a legendary temple situated in Chiang Mai, Thailand known as “Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep”. Located about 15km from town up on a hill top. They get over a Thousand visitors a week from Countries near & far. People from all walks of life & religion visit this Temple. Most of them come here to do a ritual lasting up to 3 days to free or release the Soul of their departed to Crossover. 

Some come here to gain more intense Spirituous power through their psychic ability, as a medium, Tarot, Crystal, healing and other means of communicating with the Spirituous World. They too do an offering ceremony and there is a Monk with a rare Gift of writing a chanting and recording for them to hear.

As they hear every day it will open up their Psychic and Intuition abilities. After serving this Monk as a translator since 2015, Dr. B Benedict had convinced the Monk to write for visitors and people out of Thailand to experience this chanting gift to open up their Psychic abilities.


We had set up a sound proof room and equipment for the Monk to chant and record just for you. They will do the offering ceremony just like anointing a junior Monk. After the ceremony send the recording to you.  This is an opportunity of a life time to be able to explore different dimensions, open your psychic abilities, interpret future happenings and others. All you have to do is listen to the chanting every day and it will open up your abilities. This ancient Siam Mantras are even more powerful than the Pra Kata Mantras.


According to the Senior Monk of this Temple, those Souls that had committed suicide (unnatural death) against the ‘Law of the Kingdom’ leave a curse to the entire family members. This curse will carry on as long as the Soul is in deep Isolation or in the Multiverse. By bringing back the Soul to the Physical World is like a rebirth for 2 days and on the third day the Soul will crossover into the Kingdom and transforms into a Spirituous being. When the Soul crosses over the curse will be uplifted and things will improve back to normal for the whole family. The Monks in this Temple  communicate with the deceased by doing a Chanting ritual.

They Chant for 72 hours taking turns throughout the day & night to guide the Soul of your dearly departed out of isolation or from the Parallel World into the Physical World. These Monks attained the gift from the Divine Kingdom and  perform their duty for free. The visitors only need to provide candles & incense. For the Monk that does the ritual, a yellow Monk robe, tooth paste, tooth brush & a bar of soap as a customary gift. For those living abroad, can send items & details of your dearly departed or details & items to attain Spirituous power by Courier directly to the temple or liaise with Dr. B Benedict. He can assist you to make the necessary arrangements with the Temple caretaker.

Dr. B Benedict  is associated with the Monks by locating the Soul of your beloved.

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Before starting the ritual, Dr. B Benedict will assist the Monk just for an hour or so to connect with the Soul of your beloved. Then the Monks will continue the chanting ritual for 72 hours nonstop by taking turns until the Soul is guided to the Physical World.

Once the Soul enters the Physical World it will remain here for 2 days. Within this time you can communicate with the Soul, do a little prayer or say good bye.

The family members can be from any location will still be able to communicate with the Soul.  If you wish to ask any questions can do a small confrontation.

This has nothing to do with religious beliefs or culture. Buddhism is a way of life and is not a religion.

It does not affect the Spirituous law as these Monks attained the gift from the Spiritual Kingdom. What the Monks are doing is releasing the trapped soul to find their way back to the Kingdom.

Some of the celebrities Soul’s that had their rituals done in this Monastery were the late Michael Jackson, Anthony Bourdain, Robin Williams and others.

Dr. B Benedict will provide the instructions to follow to communicate with the Soul before crossing over. Once the Soul enters the Kingdom will be transformed (bright pure white energy figure) and united with other departed family members & ancestors.

In this Kingdom they are free to roam and will visit you in your dreams and watch over you and other loved ones like a guardian angel.

This is the stage where the Medium can communicate with your Dearly departed.

By doing this is for you to say Goodbye and release their Soul back to the kingdom. 

Then your life in this physical World can carry on without being burdened, facing crisis, having regrets or blaming yourself for their departure.


Send him the details.

For those who wish to know where your dearly departed Soul is at the present moment. Just send Dr. B Benedict a recent picture, day, month and year of demise. The real birth name, date of birth and the probable cause of death that you are aware or stated on the death certificate.

He will locate & Communicate with your dearly departed Soul and see if they are still stuck in isolation,  the Multiverse or had Crossed over.

This is a free service to help those who are still struggling with their losses to return back to their normal life.


Why Need Details?

Souls that have left this physical World all look alike, unable to speak and only show signs.

With the details he can identify your dearly departed.


Those who wish to come to his Center in person, can call in advance and fix your appointment.

He gets walk in guests as far as China, Norway, United Kingdom and America.

All conversation, pictures and details provided by you will be kept in confidential as he is not looking for fame, but to genuinely help you. God bless their Souls.

Dr. B Benedict

Call +66 6211 45 712

Whatsapp  +66 6211 45 712

Or email :


Meditation Center.

(Open 9am – 9pm (Mon-Sat)

107, Manee Nopparat Road, Muang District, Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand.

Details of Caretaker.

Temple Name: Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep.

Address: 9 Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand

Name: Mrs. Thippa Rojanakul 

Spoken language: Thai.

Dr. B Benedict will liaise with her after connecting with the departed soul to register the date for the ritual & other arrangements.

She can prepare all the items on your behalf.

Call  +66 9376 4 1095

Temple caretaker

Souls You Help Save.

All Souls that Crossover into the “Gates of the Kingdom” be it straight from isolation or from the Multiverse transform into “Spirituous Beings” and remain there for eternity.

Any soul that you help save to Crossover be it a family member or a stranger. That soul will be indebted to you and when Crossed over will be a part of your life. They will be your Spirituous guide (like a guardian angel) watching over you.

People that frequently help introduce families of departed souls to Dr. B Benedict experienced tremendous changes in their lives. They claim to be guided through intuitions, cured from chronic diseases or had experienced Monetary gains.

Signs of Haunting.

Some Spirits that blame you for their untimely death will try to harm you. After being in Isolation for a very long time will build up a grudge against you. Once they are released into the Multiverse may haunt you. Here are some of the symptoms or poltergeisting you will experience. They will purposely drain your energy make you feel weak and tired.

The more energy they drain, the more physical they become and able to move small objects.

They will confuse you by moving things around like your car keys, combs and other small items. You may get their smell of perfume, their body odor or tobacco all the time around the house.

See a movement frequently at the corner of your eyes but nothing is there. Since their dimension is moving at a fast pace, you can only catch a glimpse of their presence. The longer they visit you and keep draining your ectoplasm energy  they can move larger objects. Like shutting doors, locked door opens, move furniture and other objects. Touching your feet late at night or hear weird noises while asleep. Food has no taste or prematurely spoil. After a long period of time, you will be able to physically see them like a dark shadow.

Before they come to this  stage, it is better to forgive and release them to Crossover.

Unknown Spirits Haunting.

Spirits that are able to move objects and be seen by the naked eye has been around for a very long time.

They too are stuck in the parallel World and need to be forgiven. Sometimes we encounter these Spirits in a rented apartment, old homes and old office buildings. They need to be released back to their ancestors and other departed family members. At times they become aggressive and show signs that they are present in their own property. They claim you as the intruder. There are some Spirits that are more violent and do physical harm to you. They may push you down the stairs or put objects on your path to make you fall.

They will start to drain your human kinetic energy and make you feel tired and confused. If you are aware of their presence and had encountered their haunting’s the best thing to do is send them back.

A brief introduction.

Dr. B. Benedict was born is Singapore with the gift of mind reading. At the age of 18 went to Thailand and learnt to meditate in a Buddhist Monastery. At the age of 24 was enlightened. In the year 2015 was given an ancient Mantras by the Superior Monk in this Temple. As he continued to chant the Mantras was able to  connect with departed Souls. It was used by the Siamese Monasteries in the 12th Century to open up our psychic abilities. Each individual will experience a unique ability. Over the years  has the capacity to reach Souls that are stuck in the third dimension known as the Parallel World.  His gift was showcased by Medias in Thailand and in Paranormal documentaries that were aired around the world.  Through his gift, he has helped many families that were going through distress, ordeals and regrets to get answers from their loved ones. His gift has also mended families that were broken up due to their losses.  


  • Dr. B Benedict training young Monks
  • Monks in trance

How he Enter Multiverse?

He has been repeatedly asked this question and we had to turn to Science & Technology for answers.

Our Brain is a complex Computer always active even while we are asleep and emits over a 100 billion Neurons. 

As he Chants the verses increases the Electromagnetic pulse to radiate a high frequency of plasma energy enabling him to travel into the parallel dimension.

Once he reaches this dimension, he is able to accelerate his vision into the speed of light.  This took him six Months of practice just to Synchronize their speed with his.

By accelerating with the Same Speed of the Souls, he is able to Communicate with them.


The EMP (electromagnetic pulse) emits a high energy on his brain which is noticeable only through a CT Scan.


 We would like to hear more from you after connecting with your Dearly departed.

You can send us by email:



Now people out of Thailand can get their own Mystical chanting verses to listen.

Explore various dimensions, open up psychic abilities and dream future happenings before it happens.

With the help of the sponsor record the live chanting and send for you to listen the same day.

This is even greater than Meditation, Yoga, Zen or Kundalini and the adrenaline is like Bungee jumping.

You can support our cause by giving a donation according to your means for the Orphanage homes run by this temple.

Offer fruits to the Monks writing the verses, doing the offering prayers, ritual and recording the chanting for you.