Go Global SmartADsLink Humble Beginnings.


Go Global SmartADsLink  was previously known as ipro Web Designers Inc.
Established in 1995 as a sub-contractor designing webpages for large and medium Web builders.
We had worked with various website builders both in America and other neighboring Countries.
Our team had designed multiple themes from scratch to full finish and created ready made templates for web hosting companies.
The credit for our design and creation always goes back to the main host.
Some of our templates are still being used by various web site builders till to this day.

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Our recent merge with some of the class 5 & 6 IT contractors had paved the way to build sophisticated intelligent websites of the future.
With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Binary coded website together with our latest SmartADsLink technology can triple your business income in multiple ways.
Our AI websites range from USD3,500.00 to USD15,000.00
This depends on the number of pages and complexity of the website.
Plus multiple functions like master control with individual websites for franchise or Branches all over the world, individual ratings, auto follow-up, security features, smart case study, smart linking and many more.
In fact, the website can work on its own or follow selected instructions remotely.
We also cater for basic websites ranging from USD200.00 to USD500.00
This will be based on number of pages, plugins, graphic and videos.
Due to our overwhelming request for SmartADsLink services, we had outsourced the basic websites.
It may take between 5 to 10 days to complete.
This is due to the availability of freelance builders.
Many of our freelance website builders also work for other companies.

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Some of our interactive sample works are displayed through our sub agent’s sites.
It is just one component as a demo.
Below are some snapshots of our work.

For further discussion and presentation, please email us:
We will contact you and will give you the best pricing depending on your companies requirements.