Get your Business found officially on the first page by search engines for Free!

Welcome to “Go Global SmartADsLink World”.
We are a Group of IT Engineers from various Artificial Intelligence (AI) component developers.
Our recent AI development is “SmartADsLink” Coded technology.

Officially launched on the 1st of June 2019 with tremendous responses from existing and new Clients.

With over a thousand subscribers in just 7 days and new Clients growing by the day.

This Software/ App are free to Subscribe for life. Click “This link to apply for Free”.


This coded (AI) software can increase your business popularity to be found on the first page for free.
It is not a hacking app or software that works remotely.
It is manually coded software that generates matching codes to accessibility in tier stages.
In other words, sync (work together) with search engine’s Apps and Software’s.

Another major function is the Artificial Intelligence Smart link Technology.


Meet our highly dedicated Team of Artificial Intelligence Sales Bots.
(You have an option to activate or deactivate this service at anytime).
They are programmed to run your Sales office 24 Hours 7 Days a week for Free without slacking even for a single second.
Each time a visitor clicks your Advertisement, website or Business listing; our Sales Bots will study the visitor.
It will follow up automatically leaving cookies and observe the visitor’s other site visits.
Then summarizes the visits and if related to your Business, will keep sending your Advertisements to the visitor.
It will do all the ground work up to selecting the right client for your Business.
This process will continue each time a visitor clicks your Advertisement.
All you have to do is follow up with the prospective Clients.

The reason for creating this AI Software.

In today’s world the internet has become the most important tool both for consumers and Businesses.


Over 78% of the World’s Consumers searches Businesses & Services through search Engines.

Companies that are related to the search found on the first page get the Business.



Currently, for Businesses to be found instantly on the first page have to pay for the services.

You will be charged either by clicks or by number of places the system advertises in a day.

This can sum up from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars a month.


Now, you have a choice to Advertise your Product & Services absolutely free “legally” with SmartADsLink.


Click “Our Services” page to read more in details.


There are many hacking software’s and apps available for Companies to be found instantly in the web search.

With the Artificial intelligence programs installed by search engines can detect all these Software’s & Apps.

So, by using some of the hacking software’s can lower your ratings, rankings, popularity of your Business and put you out of the competition.

Even when you sign up for paid advertisements you will still be rank much lower due to cookies and other captured data that you had left behind.

How do we know this?
We are a group of class 5 and 6 IT Contractors that had contributed our shares individually in creating some parts of these technologies.
None of our contributions or expertise were recognized or given any credit.
The credit always goes to the company that hired us for the project.
Now; we had stepped up and created our own Brand “SmartADsLink”.
This Software is our own creation for consumers to subscribe directly with us for Free.

The (AI) software has three major functions:-
1. To delete all tell tales of your downloads, cookies, spywares and other captured data of your Company details to zero.
Retaining other important information and downloads that are authentic.
2. To direct all 33 advertisements placed in free advertising sites to search engines and expose all over the web.
This creates popularity to increase your Business ranking up into the top Ten searches for free.
3. To follow up with visitors that visited your website or clicked your free advertisements.
The Smart Link Technology will leave cookies with visitors and when the visitor surfs the net your advertisement will appear frequently.
It will work like an Army of Sales Bots doing all the ground work up to selecting the right clients for your Business.
This will be your Sales force working 24/7 completely Free!
(You have an option to activate or deactivate this service at anytime).

  • M1
  • AI1
  • Ai9
  • AI4
  • MT4
Other settings and add-ons are already existing AI technologies that are available in the internet.


SmartADsLink is designed for Advertisers to advertise for both local walk in and International customers for free.


 *Any business can use this service, provided must have an existing Business premises with an Address.


SmartADsLink is an Artificial Intelligence software that only works with online advertisers that has Analytics ID Tag installed on their site.


It is also a drive for Global Site Tag (gtag.js) that will sync with Analytics Meta tags of free online advertiser’s sites and send your advertisements to search engines.
(In simple term, takes your advertisement from the online advertiser’s site creates a code to confirm that the advertisement has been verified to be genuine so that the search engines can deliver your advertisement to be advertised in the web).


To create popularity and grow your business ranking, you need to advertise in 33 of these free online Advertisers.

We had already identified these Companies for you as some of our IT engineers were involved in designing & creating the sites.

We will also send you all 33 online advertising agencies links for your references.

Currently, the software is free to use.
There are no monthly fees to pay us.
Once installed will continue working with a little maintenance which you need to do for free.


How does it work?
Have you heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytic codes, Global site Tags, Bots, cookies, spyware, Captcha, Nano intelligence, Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IOT), face recognition and other related Technologies?
These are all smart programs that started from the binary coded system.
Now, being used in sophisticated robotic equipment’s, high end vehicles and IT Companies.
We can use some of these technologies; sync it to benefit your Business in this Modern World.
Have you ever wondered how your competitor is having daily walk-in clients and flourishing business?
Getting export orders and even has more exposure in the net.
Well… the answer is harnessing these ready-made theologies which are already available through the internet.
Why reinvent the wheel when it is already invented?
Let us explain in basic terms with details about these technologies and ‘how it functions.
You will also participate in the process to witness your business ranking in search engines and popularity growth.
All search engines use ratings, ranking, popularity and frequently viewed sites that are controlled by AI Coded technologies.
With our SmartADsLink coded system will generate your free sign up advertisements all over the web.
This will be captured by the search engines as popular advertisements thus pushing your rank higher every day.
So when someone looking for your product or services, the search engine will list your company on the first page.

How are we different from Hackers?

Let us brief the difference in simple terms.
Hacking software & Apps create auto generated keys & codes which can be detected by search engines.
In the case of SmartADsLink we manually code and sync with search engines to work together.
This is done in stages until all codes are accepted by the search engines.

Let us show you our Client as an example.

There are only a few companies that actually pay to be advertised on the first page, so we are not taking away their business.

Screenshot Number 1

The first Advertisers paid to advertise.

You can notice an (Ad) symbol on the left side.

We had highlighted the symbol with a red arrow.

Screenshot Number 2

The second customer is using SmartADsLink coded software.

How to verify this?

Just hover the mouse above the advertisement and a coded line will appear.

Figure Number 3

This is an illusion of our coded link.

The only way to read the coded line is by using our hub that creates the program.

When hover above advertisement will only indicate a line to confirm our program is active.

This will be done with 33 free advertising companies with your business Advertisement.
Everything will be done in real time and you will be updated.
Each time your advertisement is placed in the online advertising agency, our outsourced team will sync with SmartADsLink and send you a report.


How to stay on the First Page?

To stay on the first page, you need to update your Business advertisement every 25 days.

This will only take less than an hour to do.

The free updating works on the same principal as SEO and as a paid advertisement to search engines.

They too update paid advertisements manually for their AI search system to capture.

This is a program installed by the search engines to track active company’s movement up to 25 days.

If you stop updating after 25 days, you can see your rank going down.


Our major business is designing sophisticated websites with multiple functions and can interact with site visitors.

It will study the visitor’s movement patterns, leave cookies, and send visitor alert, auto link to other sites and many more smart functions.


Our next project still under development is an “AI website that can function with human communication in various languages”.

You can read more about our services on “About US” page.


With the combination, of SmartADsLink, Sales Bots & our AI website being active will triple your income be it a local or International business.
We had kept the information as “basic” for everyone to understand “how AI technology can be harnessed to grow your business in this IT World.
We wish to work closely with your company and build a long term business relationship.

Help you explore new possibilities with higher interactive technologies.

This will be your first experience with AI SmartADsLink & our Sales Bots with us.

To learn more and apply for our Free Service “Click here”

Then, in future develop a sophisticated webpage to further enhance your Business.